you enter the forest...

you see two ways forward in front of you:

the path on the left is lined with brambles. it looks like it leads to a deep part of the woods

the path on the right is dappled with sunlight. it looks like it meanders through the outskirts of the woods

which path do you take?

the left path

the right path


on the brambley path

you decide to follow the brambles deeper into the forest, and the choice soon pays off; the brambles lead to blackberries! and what luck, they're perfectly ripe!

stop to pick some blackberries or keep walking


on the dappled path

the sunlight filters through the branches onto you as you wander through the outskirts of the forest. you go around a think-trunked tree and are greeted with the most stunning carpet of yellow daffodils you have ever seen! they are half the usual size, but have grown so much the path through is barely visible. it's not daffodil season, but they don't seem to know that! a handful would look lovely on your dining table.

do you stop to pick daffodils, or keep walking


picking blackberries

how fortunate it is that you had one of those plastic takeaway tubs in your bag! you have almost filled it completely with gorgeous fresh blackberries when you spy an apple tree a little way off the path. a blackberry and apple crumble for pudding would be delicious! but you don't want to get lost in the woods...

do you venture off the path to pick a couple apples, or finish filling your tub with blackberries and keep walking?


further along the brambley path

you keep walking, and soon come to a fallen log in the middle of the path. there are musical sounds coming from within; an instrument, perhaps? and that is certainly the noise of something singing

do you bend down to look in the log, or ignore the music and keep walking?


picking daffodils

you lean down and pluck the nearest bloom, turning it in your hand...and see the face of a tiny fairy, slumbering in the middle of the flower!
she blinks awake as you disturb her daff-o-bed, then suddenly realises what's happening and flies out of the flower to hover just out of reach.

"you should always look inside flowers before you pick them! it is most rude to pluck someone's bedchamber from the ground!" she scolds

do you apologise to the fairy, or tell her a flower is a foolish place to sleep?


through the daffodils

you resist the temptation to disturb the sunny flowers, and make your way through them as carefully as you can. you turn a corner and come upon a beautiful birdbath, currently being used by a goldfinch that flies off as you approach.

the warm sun has made you kind of thirsty, and the water is crystal clear...

do you drink from the fountain, or keep walking?


towards apples

the apples looks so red and shiny from here, how can you resist? you venture off the path and make your way through the undergrowth towards the tree, but something strange starts to happen. bindweed is wrapping itself around your legs (its a quick grower - but it shouldn't be this quick!) making it a serious struggle to reach the tree, and is it just you, or does that tree look further away than before?

do you keep struggling towards the apple tree, or try to turn around and head back to the path?


music in the log

you bend down to look inside the log, and see a small gathering of frogs.

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Wait a minute!

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flowers make a poor bed

you tell the fairy her choice of bedchamber was a foolish one, and watch her begin to vibrate as her face grows red with anger - if this were a cartoon, smoke would surely be curling out of her ears by now. perhaps insulting a fairy was not the wisest choice. yellow sparkles swirl around her as she

suddenly you are shrinking, shrinking, shrinking, until the daffodils tower over you. you try to ask the fairy what she did, but all that comes out of your mouth is a hoarse croak.

oh dear. well perhaps a frog's life isn't so bad, here in the woods. maybe there are others!

look for other frogs, or start again


drink from the birdbath

the water is deliciously refreshing

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past the birdbath

Wait a minute!

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out of the vines

Wait a minute!

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further along the dappled path

Wait a minute!

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further along the dappled path

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frog friends

you hop through the forest, adjusting to your new form, and head towards a distant croaking sound. as you get closer, you realise the croaking is actually music! you spoke very little frog before, but now it's second nature; the amphibian choir is singing a beautiful song of love and loss.
you could join this choir, you think, you instinctually know the words!

you introduce yourself to the choir, and find that they all were transformed by grumpy fairies too! they formed a support group that sing songs to help process the experience.

you have found a group of like-minded frogs to live out your days with. who could ask for more?

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alas, no apples

you try to push through the bindweed but with every step it squeezes tighter. it's soon around your waist, your chest, dragging your arms down into the undergrowth and quickly growing over your face. the last thing you see is the beautiful red apple tree but a few metres away.

don't feel too sad, you'll make excellent fertilizer for it i'm sure.

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