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06.11.2023: Toybox created!
05.11.2023: Poetry pages created.
14.10.2023: The Wizard moved in.
13.10.2023: Choose your own adventure started.
11.10.2023: Theme edited.
10.10.2023: Blog created.

MUSIC PLAYER UNDER CONSTRUCTION! its driving me insane it shouldn't be this hard

greetings traveller! welcome to the mushroom circle.

i'm rachael! hope you enjoy poking around my neck of the woods for a while, remember there is no such thing as trespassing!!

so i've had this webpage for 4ish months now and think i'm beginning to get the hang of things. its difficult to maintain constant updates, i haven't touched it in a couple months due to either being busy or not feeling inspired, but i'd like to create some sort of routine that involves weekly updates or editing to the site. i think my next step is to create a blog page; i have a 70% written post about a venice holiday i went on in november that i need to finish and post as the first update. i also want to keep transferring poems from my substack to here but formatting it can be a bit of a drag.

take care now!

blinkie time :) most are linked to their creator/source where i know it!